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Isn’t Rape Really Just All About Sex?

June 21, 2010 29 comments

I know I’m supposed to be posting installment three in the work-life balance series – and it’s coming tomorrow, I promise – but I was distracted by this post by Isis’s new co-blogger. I think there’s a relatively strong consensus that this invention is clearly a bit of Technology Gone Bad.
In a really old Saturday Night Live sketch, Gilda Radnor and Dan Akroyd play a befuddled couple at home in the kitchen, arguing over Shimmer. It’s a floor wax. No, a dessert topping. But wait! Spokesperson Chevy Chase pops in to tell them it’s BOTH!!!!!
What does this have to do with understanding rape?

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Why Do We Think Only Really Hideously Evil Human Beings Could Be Sexual Harassers?

February 24, 2009 17 comments

It’s certainly a tragedy when anyone takes their own life. I feel very sorry for the surviving family members and colleagues affected by the suicides of two U. of Iowa professors accused of sexual harassment who took their own lives last year.
And yet. I have little patience with this Chronicle of Higher Education article about them. You can file it under the category of “but he was such a really wonderful person! There’s just no way he could have done these things!” Or, alternatively, “Those TERRIBLE women RUINED the lives of these WONDERFUL men!”

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Locking the Barn Door

August 14, 2008 25 comments

You are a university president. You naturally wish to avoid scandal and negative publicity during your administration. The time to make it mandatory for all faculty and staff to undergo training in how to avoid sexual harassment is:
A: When you take office, or shortly thereafter.
B: After one of your professors is caught emailing female students a quid pro quo: A’s if they would expose their breasts and allow him to fondle them.
If you are University of Iowa president Sally Mason, you will, of course, pick option B.
If this is only the first time the esteemed Professor Miller has engaged in such shenanigans, I will eat his shoes rather than puke on them. I’m betting it’s not.
Meanwhile, over at the University of Missouri,

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The Authorities: Always Looking Out For Women

September 12, 2007 5 comments

So I’m skimming along in Google Reader, thinking it’s the year 2007, when whoa! I happen upon this post by Female Science Professor. Did he actually call her “science lady”? WTF? What millennium are we living in?
And this is the kind of response you get from the authorities when you are calling about a long-standing, well-documented problem of stalking/harassment. But hey, she wasn’t actually physically assaulted by the stalker, so what’s the big deal, right? Plus, she was asking for it.

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Joeseph Schlessinger: Yale’s Liability

December 4, 2006 8 comments

The Chronicle of Higher Education’s news blog has a little item on Joseph Schlessinger. You may know him as the “internationally known researcher and head of the pharmacology department at Yale University” famous for his “his work in figuring out how information flows between a cell surface and the cell — studies credited with laying the groundwork for several treatments for cancer”.
Or you may know him now as the jerk-ass who allegedly sexually harassed his secretary so frequently and so long that she eventually had to quit her job to get away from him.

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Methods of Prohibition

November 20, 2006 2 comments

Following up on my entry on Joanna Russ’s book, How to Suppress Women’s Writing, and its application to women in science and engineering…
In discussing “prohibitions”, Russ notes”

First of all, it’s important to realize that the absence of formal prohibitions against committing art [or science] does not preclude the presence of powerful, informal ones.

These include poverty and lack of leisure, the latter arising from overwhelming duties to family and home. Even our heroines had to overcome this latter prohibition:

Marie Curie’s biographer, her daughter Eve, describes her mother’s cleaning, shopping, cooking, and child care, all unshared by Pierre Curie and all added to a full working day during Madame Curie’s early domestic years, which were also the beginnings of her scientific career

Makes those two Nobels look even more impressive, doesn’t it?

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Hostile Environment – Examples

September 6, 2006 20 comments

So, what would be an example of someone creating a hostile environment in the workplace or educational setting?

An example of “frequent, non-trivial acts of a sexual nature” might be, oh, say repeatedly raping your lab assistant nearly 80 times. The rapist in this case was R. Igor Gamow, “a prominent inventor and chemical engineer who was fired by the [University of Colorado] in 2004 for ‘moral turpitude.’ ” The multiple rapes took place between 1995 and 1998. (See The Chronicle of Higher Education daily news, May 5, 2006.)

Or, as Kay Weber alleges in Weber v. Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, having jock straps and condoms placed in your mailbox and having derogatory sexual comments including your name written on a public blackboard. Among other things.

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