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Do You Have Five Bucks to Spare for Donors Choose? Then You Can Win Cool Stuff From Seed!

Yay! Prizes! From our benevolent Seed overlords!
All you have to do is take part in our Donors Choose campaign.
Here’s the scoop:

Seed has agreed to do prize drawings again this year for donors who give to DonorsChoose, beginning this Friday [10/17/08]. We’ll be giving away 50 Seed mag subscriptions and about 15 or so other prizes from an assortment of mugs, laptop covers and USB drives. Each Friday we’ll choose winners for a third of the prizes. In addition, there will be one ‘grand prize’ at the end of the drive, of an iPod Touch.
To enter the drawing, all you need to do is forward your donation confirmation email to scienceblogs AT gmail DOT com.

You don’t have to be a moneybags to make a difference in the lives of the teachers and kids we are trying to help. Even a $5 donation would help, because your gift will be combined with what others give to help fund a project.
The project I am most concerned about right now has only 14 days left to be funded. It’s called “Where Good Ideas Go To Die…The Copy Room” and you can read about it here on my challenge page.

This proposal would help me bridge the gap between the meager supplies our district can afford and what I would like to be able to provide for my student’s greatest access to learning. Colored card stock paper would be great for flashcards for students for math, reading and vocabulary lessons. The colored copy paper can help make parent letters and newsletters eye catching and more likely to be seen. An extra pack of transparencies would provide my students with 70-100 extra shared learning experiences using my overhead projector!

Can you believe our teachers don’t even have adequate supplies of paper and overhead transparencies? This teacher just needs $253 to fund her proposal and help buy the most basic supplies to run her classroom.
Or maybe you want to help a kindergarten teacher purchase some supplies to help spark an interest in science in her young students. Then you’d be interested in the “Please Bug Me!” proposal, which needs $401 more to be fully funded.
Last year, dear readers, you helped TSZ raise over $2000 for Donors Choose! I know things are a little tight this year for everyone but I hope some of you will still be able to give a little for these very worthy projects, to help these kids in high poverty schools. Thanks for considering Donors Choose. And hey, if you aren’t inspired by any of the projects on my challenge page, maybe you’d like to check out what some of my Sciblings have going – see the ScienceBlogs challenge page here.

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