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“Gendered Innovations in Science”

From the AWIS Washington Wire:

A new collection of essays, Gendered Innovations in Science and Engineering, explores how taking gender into account in the areas of science, medicine, and engineering can enhance human knowledge.

Inside Higher Ed has a conversation with the editor, Londa Schiebinger. IHE leads annoyingly with this:

The discussion of gender and science can take place on many levels. Some focus on issues of bias in who gets to do science. Others use much broader definitions, looking at the impact of gender on scientific questions and findings, as well as on who leads the research enterprise.

What’s annoying is the assumption that considerations of how gender affects the science we do is a “broader” sort of inquiry than the (narrowly focused, less important, lower level) issue of bias and access. I don’t have any patience for this view. In fact, I can’t even see the two issues as completely mutually exclusive. They are interdependent.

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