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Just In Case You Can…

…the deadline for the end of the Donors Choose fund drive is rapidly approaching. I’m bummed that it looks like TSZ will not reach 100% of its funding goal. That means some potential matching funds will go unclaimed. I realize many of you may have other favorite charities you support, so I thank you for considering Donors Choose.
Wouldn’t you like to donate to Experiments in Calculus? Help a teacher buy two calculator-based data collectors to let students learn calculus through experiments with distance, velocity, and acceleration. There’s a teacher in Trenton who needs funds to buy Whiteboards and Dry Erase Pens to Display Responses in the classroom. Funds for very basic supplies – that’s what our nation’s schoolkids are lacking. A teacher in Indianapolis wants to excite kindergarteners about science, but money is needed for an aquarium, an animal habitat center, fish, worms, pet food and related science materials.
Ten bucks is the minimum donation. If you feel so moved, you can go here to donate. If you don’t like any of the projects I’ve picked but you want to donate, visit some of the other Sciencebloggers’ challenges (links on left side of same page) and see what they have to offer.
If you donate before tomorrow and send a copy of your email receipt to Seed, you have an excellent chance of winning some cool prizes. An iPod Nano and Scienceblogs mugs are among the booty Seed is giving away. I hear the odds of winning are good. So you see, if you donate, you need not wait till the afterlife for the reward for your good works! Which is particularly helpful in case you don’t believe in the afterlife.

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  1. October 29, 2007 at 1:36 pm

    Another payday, so I’ll chip in again. We shouldn’t have to do this, but since we do, well, we do.

  2. October 29, 2007 at 4:53 pm

    Wow. That was a fast response. You all are amazing. Thank you so very much.
    And yes, Ridger, you are absolutely right.

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