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Your Photos Here…

You may have noticed on the main Scienceblogs page that the major categories have been reduced in number and renamed; we now have eight, each with its own spiffy landing page. For example, here’s the one for Education & Careers. Each landing page has a photo at the top; these photos will be rotating and guess what? You can contribute yours if you like!
More info on how to contribute your photos is below the fold.

It’s not too hard: the image needs to be at least 465 pixels wide. You should send your photos to
photos AT scienceblogs DOT com
and be sure to send only photos that you have the rights to (eg, photos you’ve taken yourself). Include a line of text to the effect that Scienceblogs has permission to use your photo on ScienceBlogs. Also add how you’d like to be credited, and whether you would like a link to appear along with the credit.
You can also send links to Flickr pages, or tag a photo on Flickr with “Sb-homepage,” and the clever folks that handle this picture business will find it. You should make sure that the photos are licensed under Creative Commons with an “attribution only” or a “share alike” license.
That’s it for the instructions. So what kinds of photos are we looking for? Science, nature, and technology photos–we’re casting a wide net. If there are identifiable people in the photo, we will need to have their permission to post the photo. Even if it’s your Aunt Sally and you’re sure she won’t mind.
Why not photograph your mad science experiment and submit it today? Who knows, it could end up on one of the Scienceblogs category landing pages and you will experience the giddy thrill of sharing your total mad science-y coolness with the world. Really, it will be cool! You should do it! Or, hey, let’s see your lab bench. I’ll bet that’s a pretty sight. Or just take a picture of your campus; that will be useful for the Education & Careers channel. You get the idea. Go forth and photograph, and send us the fruit of your digital labors!

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