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Seed Offers Fab Prizes If You Cough Up $$ For Donors Choose!!!

Apparently the shabby prizes I am offering are not enough to entice very many of you to donate to Donors Choose.
But perhaps you will perk up and open your wallets when you see what Seed is giving away to generous readers!

In addition to the $15,000 in matching funds that Seed is putting up for the challenges themselves, DONORS can enter to win one of the following:

How does this work? Simple: interested donors can forward their e-mail receipt from DonorsChoose to
scienceblogs AT gmail DOT com.
That includes those of you who have already donated.
There will be three prize drawings, each on a Tuesday: Tuesday the 16th, Tuesday the 23nd, and Tuesday the 30th. Seed will give away seven tee shirts, seven mugs, seven subscriptions, and three books each week to donors whose emails they have received before noon on the day of the drawing. At the end of the whole DonorsChoose drive, they will take everyone who ever entered the drawing and draw one final winner for the iPod.
Now how can you resist all that????
UPDATED to correct dates of the drawings. Drawings are on Tuesdays with corrected dates as noted above.

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