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Note to Self: Remember Next Scientiae (And That Includes The Guys)

I completely blanked out on Scientiae for October, so I really don’t want to do that again for November. Yami is hosting, and you can find her call for post here. The theme is talking to yourself which god knows I do enough of, sitting home all day with the cats. I mean, don’t get me wrong, China and Bodhi are great, but they don’t talk back. Except for the occasionally meow-y demand for More Food, Plz.
Yami includes this very reasonable request to all you dude bloggers:

Finally… the past few Scientiae carnivals have been composed entirely of women’s voices. While I think it’s appropriate that women’s voices should dominate the conversation about women’s experiences, the job of thinking about gender in science belongs to everyone! I’d like to invite all you equality-minded men scientists to join the fun this time around – how do you talk to yourself about gender, and about your female colleagues?

(Though I feel it is only fair to note that Rob Knop did participate in the August Scientiae.)
So, guys, get busy, and show your support on your blogs, not just in private when nobody’s looking.

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