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Some New Proposals On My Donors Choose Challenge

Thanks to those of you who have donated so far! You’ve helped get the TSZ challenge to 39% of fulfillment!
The way Donors Choose works, more than one person can add a proposal to a challenge, and/or individuals could choose to donate to a proposal separate from a challenge. That’s why you will see that some of the proposals on my challenge list have been fully funded even though I have not yet reached my challenge funding goal. So I’ve added a few new proposals to the list for you to choose from, if you are still considering donating. Here are a few of them:

Put Science Back in the Classroom!
A teacher at a school in Oakland needs funds to buy books about the subjects in science the students will be studying this year. Many of the students are still learning English, and the supplementary books can help them overcome language obstacles with the regular science textbook. Help unlock the doors to a lifelong interest in science for these fifth grade students!
Whiteboards and Dry Erase Pens to Display Responses
This request is simply what the title says. This teacher needs funds for simple, basic tools that will help increase student participation in class – and therefore increase understanding and retention. It won’t take much to help these math students in Trenton!
Third Eye Technology
This proposal is already half funded – you could help push it over the top! Help students with disabilities in Los Angeles experience the joy of learning about science. Science is for everyone.
These are just a few of the proposals available on my challenge list. To donate to these or any of the others via my challenge, go here, select the proposal that interests you, click on its link, and follow directions to donate. Be sure to send me a copy of your email receipt if you want to receive a women in science and math magnet, and be included in the t-shirt raffle!!!! And thanks for donating!

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