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Can You Believe They Gave That Much Already?!?!

Dr. Free-Ride has provided a nice summary of how the Science Bloggers’ Challenge for Donors Choose is going so far. And can you believe those readers over at Mike Dunford’s blog? They’ve already maxed out his challenge!
And you all are no slouches either…look at Dr. Free-Ride’s top five lists. You’ve put Thus Spake Zuska in all of ’em.
I know we can do even better! And besides, don’t you all want a magnet? Or chance to win a t-shirt????? Or, at the very least, that happy feeling inside that comes from knowing you did something good to help our teachers and kids?
Remember, if you donate and you want to be considered for a magnet and/or the t-shirt lottery, you need to email me a copy of your email receipt from Donors Choose.
If you have donated and you did not see your donation show up on my challenge, let me know by email, as there were some glitches like that going on for some of the other bloggers. Email me at bobtownsuz AT yahoo DOT com.
Don’t forget, even the smallest of donations can make a difference, because your generosity is combined with that of so many others who care.

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