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Sb Reader Survey

Perhaps you’ve noticed something new on the sidebar at right…

ScienceBlogs is conducting its first-ever reader survey. One lucky respondent will win an iPod nano. But the real winner will be, well, ScienceBlogs, since we’re going to use what we learn to make the site better.

Or so I was told. But no, the real winner will still be you, since Scienceblogs will be improved for you!
Take a few moments, if you feel motivated, to do the survey. Oh, come on; how many of those silly web surveys have you spent time filling out to find out which science fiction author you are or what your chances are of surviving a zombie apocalypse? One more survey won’t hurt. And it’s for a good cause – giving you a tastier Scienceblogs experience. You know you want to do the survey…c’mon…

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