Future Weather

I recently got a notice from the AWIS – Philadelphia chapter about a film in production here in Philadelphia, called “Future Weather“. The filmmakers, independent and mostly women, wrote to AWIS as follows:

We…are dedicated to bringing the stories of real women and girls to the big (and small) screen, one little story, one strong-willed girl at a time. We hope you will join us… I’m sure you are aware of the lack of positive female role models in the media, especially those with any interest, much less commitment, to science. We are hoping to change that.
Future Weather is the story of Laduree, a very strong-willed 12-year-old is dedicated to her ongoing science experiments and recycling trash in an effort to save the earth from global warming. Her world is ruptured when without warning, her mother abandons her to pursue her dream of becoming a make-up artist for the stars. Laduree lives alone in secret until she is forced to move in with her grandmother, Greta, a frustrated nurse who was planning to move to Florida with her long-distance boyfriend. Living in the same house Laduree’s mother was raised in, grandmother and granddaughter struggle against each other as they search for closure.

The trailer for this film is really interesting. What’s also interesting is the producers’ approach to making the film:

We have decided to reinforce the environmentalist theme in our film by being a “carbon-neutral” film production. Becoming a ‘carbon neutral’ set means that we will neutralize the effect of our production’s greenhouse gas emissions, so that our activities no longer contribute to the dangers of global warming. We hope that by “practicing what we preach” will encourage others to take Laduree’s story and struggle to heart.
In that vein, we also decided to use a grassroots approach to fundraising and invite participation from people whom we think would want to see this kind of film. Donations to help make this wonderful film a reality are accepted as tax-deductible charitable donations through our fiscal sponsor, The Philadelphia Film Office.

If you’re a supporter of the arts, and/or you’d like to see something positive about women and science on film, consider supporting this effort. It’s tax deductible!

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