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Some News From WEPAN’s Conference

I wasn’t able to attend the WEPAN national conference this year, and I really missed going. So I was glad that Carol Muller of MentorNet wrote to the WEPAN listserv today with a mini-conference report/follow-up. She covered three topics: the plenary session tribute to Denice Denton; follow-up to a MentorNet panel discussion that mentioned NOGLSTP; and plans for MentorNet for the coming year. There’s also a sneak preview for MentorNet at ASEE. Details after the jump.

Carol writes:

I am writing to provide requested and promised follow-up on 3 items which were part of our discussions at last week’s WEPAN conference in Orlando.
1. At the plenary panel “The Welcoming University: How to Make Institutional Change” there was an important tribute paid to the work of Denice Denton who paved the way for excellence in engineering and science education in so many respects, always understanding that the path to excellence is linked with developing the talents of a truly diverse group of students, faculty, and other professionals. There is a group working to recognize her achievements on June 24, the first anniversary of her death, and to have the community remember Denice for the enormously positive impact she had on science and engineering in the US. The goal is to have as many organizations as possible put a link on their home page to a short summary of her contributions. UW has put up a webpage so that it’s easy for other organizations to link.
2. In the course of our discussion emanating from the panel, I mentioned one of MentorNet’s partners, NOGLSTP, the National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientific and Technical Professionals, a 20+-year-old nonprofit organization affiliated with AAAS. A number of people wanted more information. Please take note, and familiarize yourself with NOGLSTP if it’s not already on your radar screen as a useful resource for your students, faculty, and others.
3. As you plan for the coming academic year, if you’re interested in joining the MentorNet partnership, the E-Mentoring Network for Diversity in Engineering and Science, we do anticipate capacity this year to add some new campuses (and we always and especially welcome interest from corporations and government labs and agencies!). Please contact us as soon as possible if you’re interested.
At the upcoming ASEE national conference, MentorNet will have an exhibit, thanks to Hewlett-Packard, ASEE, and the Maui Economic Development Board’s Women in Technology Project. If you’re attending the conference, please stop by. There is also a WIED session at the conference on Wednesday, June 27 4:30 – 6:00 p.m. at the Hawaii Convention Center 322B, “MentorNet’s Wisconsin and Hawaii Statewide Initiatives,” with Mary Jo Wellenstein, Milwaukee School of Engineering; Sandra Courter, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Susannah Sandrin, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh; Karen Showers, Wisconsin Technical College System; Leslie Wilkins, Maui Economic Development Board; Ann Bloor, Milwaukee School of Engineering; Laurie Mayberry, University of Wisconsin-Madison; and Isla Yap, Maui Economic Development Board, and featuring three MentorNet proteges from the University of Hawaii.

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