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Joy of Science – A Delay, And Lame Excuses

Yeah, so I promised you the reading summaries for today, and they aren’t ready. What’s my excuse? I haven’t had that many migraines in the past week, only two. Oh, I’ve been playing in the garden, and I went on a garden tour on Saturday instead of working on the readings all day, and blah blah blah…let me tell you, Donna Haraway makes my brain hurt. I don’t know who put this week’s readings together but I oughta smack them one. It’s a nightmare. Oh, wait, that would be me.
Well, I shall be slogging along the rest of the day and you can expect something more or less coherent tomorrow, I am pretty sure.
Here’s why the academic year leaves out the summer months: no one should have to read Donna Haraway when the weather is so nice outside. How do they read her in California? How the hell does she write this stuff in California??????

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