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Call For Entries For 2007 Science Blogging Anthology

Perhaps you are familiar with the 2006 Science Blogging Anthology, The Open Laboratory, that was put together by Bora Zivkovic. It is a great collection of (most) of the best of last year’s science blogging, but as Bora has recently noted to me, it is lacking something important. That is, there are NO contributions pertaining to women in science. NO posts from any of the fabulous women scientists writing about the issues women deal with daily on the job, in the classroom, in the lab.
Bora and I would like to change that for the 2007 anthology. But we need your help.
We need you to nominate posts – your own, somebody else’s – for inclusion in the anthology. Do you remember reading a really great post earlier this year? Go hunt it down and submit it for inclusion. Keep your eye out for good candidates throughout the year, and submit them for consideration. It’s easy to do. Here’s how:
Go to this site
Fill in the very simple nomination form and click “submit”
That’s it!
Nominate early and often. Don’t be shy! You know you’ve done some great writing; nominate yourself. Think of all the good stuff that’s already been collected in the Scientiae Carnivals – you could just troll them for nominations. See how easy this could be?

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