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Easing Into The Blogging Stream Again

It’s been so long since I blogged, I almost forgot how to log in. I am going to ease myself back into some sort of blogging routine this week and hope that the computer time does not bring on the migraines again. So much has happened while I’ve been gone. Have any of you been following the Science Spring Showdown 2007? Here’s a taste of the coverage of the second round in the Mortar and Pestle region (reported over at Adventures in Ethics and Science):

Welcome to coverage of the 2007 Science Spring Showdown second round play in the Chemistry region. The fans in Chemical Arena resorted to a face centered cubic strategy to pack themselves into the stands. You could almost feel the electricity in the air as the products of the first round match-ups were poured into the separatory funnel of the second round. The fans and the teams shook things up. Which teams came out in the top layer, and which saw their hopes of going all the way drained out?
Acid: 105
Ethanol: 87
In one of the most closely watched games of this year’s showdown, the much beloved Ethanol fell to some savvy choices from the Acid coaching staff. Ethanol met its match when butanoic acid took the court. WIth an assist from sulfuric acid, whose concentration on court was remarkable, butanoic acid turned the mighty Ethanol team into a mere ester. The stands got ugly as disappointed Ethanol fans started jeering, “You’ve gone fruity on us! We didn’t come here for girl drinks!” Undeniably, though, the arena smelled of pineapple as the Acid team left, victorious.

Who would have thought Acid would kick Ethanol’s ass? Speaking of ass, those are some sorry-ass Ethanol fans if you ask me. Not only fair-weather fans, but sexist and homophobic, too. Ethanol deserves much, much better.
Check out the action in all the brackets. You can follow it all from the press center. It’s completely geekalicious!

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  1. March 20, 2007 at 9:55 pm

    It’s true, Ethanol’s fans do not always acquit themselves well.
    (And seriously, anyone who has a problem with a mojito needs to recognize that the problem is with himself, not with the sugar content of his drink.)

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