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New Women And STEM Carnival

Thanks to Skookumchick, there’s a new blog carnival in town called Scientiae!

This is a blog carnival that compiles posts written about the broad topic of “women in STEM,” (STEM=science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and may include posts:

  • stories about being a woman in STEM
  • exploring gender and STEM academia
  • living the scientific academic life as well as the rest of life
  • discussing how race, sexuality, age, nationality and other social categories intersect with the experience of being a woman in STEM
  • sharing feminist perspectives on science and technology
  • exploring feminist science and technology studies

Skookumchick tells me: “The Scientiae Carnival is up and running and looking for both stories about women in STEM and help with publicising. The first carnival will be published Mar 1 (I hope) and I’m looking for submissions by Feb 27 (including old posts for this first carnival) if possible to facilitate with compilation.”
Instructions about submitting are here.
I know this is really late notice but I’ve been off-line the last several days…sorry for not letting you know sooner. Submit something if you can. But make sure you check in on March 1 to see what Skookumchick’s put together for us to read!

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