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Best Practices: Minorities in Research Careers

I got an announcement over the WEPAN listserv about a National Research Council workshop:

I am pleased to inform you about a National Research Council workshop on “Understanding Interventions that Encourage Minorities to Pursue Research Careers: Major Questions and Appropriate Methods” that will be held on May 3-4, 2007, at the National Academies in Washington , D.C.

A pdf file included with the email announcement says of the target audience:

If you are a PI, program administrator, mentor, project evaluator, or human resource specialist, this workshop will inform and motivate your work.

Some information about the workshop and a link to a website with more details follows:

The workshop will consider the knowledge base on intervention programs that have been designed to increase the inclusion, preparation, retention, and success of underrepresented minorities in STEM fields, and particularly in research careers in the biomedical and behavioral sciences. We will bring together experts from a range of disciplines to share perspectives as well as evidence; to design and discuss research questions about measuring what programs work, for whom, and in what settings; and to expand the community of scholars that is committed to understanding and influencing the career choices of those who represent a growing proportion of the student talent pool.
Registration is now available at the project website. The workshop is sponsored by the National Institute of Health and overseen by a committee appointed by the National Academies.

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