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Order of the Science Scouts

It’s Girl Scout cookie season, and maybe that’s why this appeals to me even more than I thought it would. Scouts, badges – what’s not to love?

Order of the Science Scouts of Exemplary Repute and Above Average Physique

Read the launch announcement over at the World’s Fair.

It’s open to anybody who considers themselves to be any sort of a science communicator, broadly defined:

For the propogation of an ideal where science communicators can meet firstly, for drinks; secondly, for communicating; and ultimately, for networking.

It’s not yet clear how “Above Average Physique” is to be determined…I think basically if you join, you are determined to be of Above Average Physique. That sounds good.
I was going to say I’d love to have the “I’ve been published at the New Yorker” badge but I think I’d settle for the “I’ve been rejected by the New Yorker” badge. However, I am quite certain I qualify for this badge:


The “will glady kick sexual harasser’s ass” badge.

(And we mean “ass” in the most holistic of ways).
In which the recipient stands up to such miscreants in the work place.
Places of science should know better.

(image from here.)

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