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Inky Circus Launchs Inkling Magazine!

If you enjoy reading Inky Circus, then you are probably going to enjoy the latest endeavor from the women who bring you that blog. That is, Inkling Magazine – subtitled, “On the Hunch That Science Rocks!” I particular like this Letter From Science Camp, in which Mike Gretes bares his soul about his love of crystallography.

Unbelievers will cry, but isn’t science supposed to be the opposite of religion? O my people, truly I tell you, no, not at all. Here we are awake and surrounded by the Faithful for days, nay, weeks on end. Awake! We listen to the Good Word in lectures and lo, learn the rituals of experimental protocols that will allow us one day with the Lord’s good Grace to be Saved, yea, to Graduate. There is enough wine and celibacy here that would make the Catholic Church blush with envy.

Yours truly also has a tiny piece in Inkling’s inaugural issue. Go, enjoy.

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