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Training Your Department Chairs

From the WEPAN listserv:

The University of Washington has received a grant from the National Science Foundation ADVANCE program (grant SBE-0619159) to offer a series of national leadership workshops for science, engineering, and mathematics department chairs and emerging faculty leaders. These workshops, called *LEAD: Leadership Excellence for Academic Diversity*, are focused on providing academic leaders with the skills and resources to address issues related to departmental and university culture and the professional development of all faculty. A pre-workshop mentoring-for-leadership event will also be offered to women faculty. The workshop website is here.
The first workshop will be held July 9-10, 2007 in Seattle, WA.

Note these workshops are also for “emerging faculty leaders” so if you see yourself as a budding leader, why not foward this announcement to your department chair? Chances are she/he will then select you to attend, if anyone is going from your department. Of course it helps if you actually ARE a budding leader who cares about departmental and university culture and professional development.
Apparerently the website won’t be fully functional till Dec. 31 so I can’t give you any more information about the workshop or the mentoring-for-leadership event for women faculty at this time. You’ll just have to bookmark your calendar.

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  1. Schlupp
    November 30, 2006 at 3:18 am

    Some more to my previous comment: I thought I should explain my reaction: Up to the seventies, a French dictionaire (Larousse) had no enrtry for her, but only for Pierre, apparently her had won two Nobels (one of them after his death) together with her, who had “helped”. That’s why I don’t like “Madame Curie”, she’s been “Pierre’s wife” long enough.

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